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Pragun Seth

Pragun is an 11th grader at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. He is an avid scuba diver and has even been certified as a Rescue Diver—the highest level of certification for a recreational diver. He has also been awarded the Diving Against Debris certification for his underwater efforts in cleaning the ocean floor. Additionally, Pragun is an Eco-Leader at his school, and spends many weekends delivering presentations regarding sustainability and environmental awareness. His vision is that by 2024, AllForOceans will be a global community of climate leaders and passionate environmentalists.

Eshaan Jain

Eshaan is a Junior at The Pingry School in New Jersey. As an Eco-Ambassador with the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, he has worked to raise awareness about plastic pollution and advance targets and indicators for SDG 14 in his community. As a youth volunteer he has worked on various environmental initiatives to promote native plants, composting, and sustainable technologies and presented his work at the International Conference on Sustainable Development 2023.

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initiative leaders

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Yash Sonchhatra

Director of Social Media Initiative

Yash Sonchhatra, currently a sophomore at Millburn High School, holds the position of the Director of the Social Media Initiative and President at the Millburn Chapter of AllForOceans. His intense passion for marine life preservation fuels his leadership in driving crucial initiatives and creating impactful social media content for AllForOceans. Yash actively engages in local research projects, understanding water consumption patterns to minimize wastage. Simultaneously, he spearheads global awareness through innovative social media campaigns. Beyond his commitment to environmental causes, Yash showcases his leadership prowess as he leads Millburn High School's Investment Club, demonstrating a multifaceted approach to making a positive impact.

Ethan Oder

Director of Blog Initiative

Ethan, a junior at Phillips Academy, is the director of the AllForOceans blog. Through his blog posts, he explores how artists and activists have combated environmental injustice. By providing examples of climate work, his writing intends to inspire readers to take action and to consider the impacts that such action can have. At his school, he teachers ninth graders about social and environmental issues as an Equity Balance and Inclusion teacher.

Pragun Image
Pragun Image

Gavin Quartin

Director of Podcast Initiative

Gavin is a junior at Millburn High School. His craving to make the world, and especially the oceans, a cleaner environment inspired him to create the podcast initiative. He explores how others are helping our world through his podcast and influences others to take action. He explores the negative effects of human impact on the environment and provides alternative ways that are eco-friendly.

chapter leaders

Pravit Kochar

President of Bergen County Chapter

Pravit Kochar, a current junior at Bergen County Academies, is the leader of the AllForOceans Bergen County chapter. His beliefs on creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly world inspired him to begin the AllForOceans chapter in his county. Pravit also does research regarding microplastics in order to potentially find a viable solution to the growing issue of plastic pollution. He hopes to spread the message of protecting the environment, and he is extremely thankful for the opportunity he has to make genuine change through AllForOceans.

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Pragun Image

Vidit Bagaria

President of UWCSEA Dover Chapter

Vidit Bagaria, currently a sophomore, is the Asia Head for All For Oceans and Leader of the UWCSEA Dover Chapter. AllForOceans aligns completely with the UWC mission statement, and hence the values instilled within UWC Dover chapter members are perfect for AllForOceans. Vidit shares a deep commitment to protecting the environment, actively supporting initiatives like AllForOceans that promote sustainability and the protection of the oceans. He hopes that his passion will be shared not only with AllForOceans members but also the wider community.

Aadi Tiwari

President of Ridgewood HS Chapter

Aadi, a junior, is a leader at the RHS chapter. His ideals of a cleaner earth and the AllForOceans mission unite to empower the group he leads. He has finished multiple projects on how science can affect and preserve the earth's most valuable resource and continues to use his prior knowledge to grow even more. His research also included nanotech and plans to inform people about it being a proper solution to rid the oceans of microplastics. Aadi hopes to display an arsenal worth help and information that improves AllForOceans.

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Pragun Image

Elan Suttiratana

President of Hackley School Chapter

Elan, a current sophomore, is the leader at the Hackley School chapter. His faith in the ideologies of sustainability and conservation encouraged him to start an AllForOceans chapter at his high school. He has worked with many other conservation organizations before, and his commitment to balancing technological advancement and preserving Earth’s natural beauty drives many of his efforts. Elan hopes to use his connections with other environmental organizations to help AllForOceans and spread the mission of ocean conservation.

Saloni Mittal

President of Morris County Chapter

Saloni Mittal is the leader of the Morris County Chapter and is a sophomore at Kinnelon High School in New Jersey. She is deeply passionate about environmental research, and educating the community, specifically regarding water bodies. Saloni has led several clean-ups throughout her community and state with another non-profit for which she is the Community Outreach Chairperson. She is looking forward to introducing her environmental solutions from this and AllForOceans into her high school this year. Saloni is determined to make an impact at a wider level and is excited for her future at AllForOceans.

Pragun Image
Pragun Image

Suvid Bordia

President of Newark Academy Chapter

Suvid is a current 8th grader at Newark Academy in New Jersey. As an eco-ambassador for the Center of Sustainable Development at Columbia and Millburn Climate Action, he is very passionate about the environment and has participated in many eco-initiatives. At the moment, he is focusing on the SDGs (sustainable development goals) and doing research regarding them, including completing a 2-month course with the Columbia Climate School. He is extremely excited to join the wonderful initiative of AllForOceans and is currently the President at the Newark Academy Chapter.

Sai Reddy

President of Dwight-Englewood School Chapter

Sai Reddy is a junior at Dwight-Englewood School. He is grateful to be part of AllForOceans, the non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the planet's oceans. Joining this remarkable initiative has allowed him to channel his passions into meaningful action. AllForOceans has provided him with a platform to engage, learn, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share his commitment to a sustainable and thriving ocean ecosystem. Sai's dedication and enthusiasm drive him to actively support the cause, and he is determined to make a positive impact in safeguarding the oceans for generations to come. He is truly grateful for the chance to make a difference and work towards a healthier future for the oceans.

Pragun Image
Pragun Image

Maya Hodroj

President of PLKNPL College Chapter

Maya Hodroj, the chapter leader of the PLKNPL college chapter in Hong Kong, has a profound passion in conducting extensive research on the environment and actively engages in the community. Maya has taken part in numerous environment-related activities such as clean-ups and conservation projects. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity she has been given to take part in AllForOceans, a non-profit organization that aims to protect and safeguard the environment. She hopes to continue exploring her passion in keeping the environment safe through AllForOceans.